Keylite Roof Windows

keylite CP

Keylite Centre Pivot Window

Keylites' Centre Pivot (CP) range is the most commonly specified and versatile of all Keylite Roof Windows. The Keylite CP Roof Window can be installed in any sloping roof with a pitch between 15 - 90 degrees, making it a simple and cost effective way of bringing natural light into your roof space. More Info

Top Hung Window

Keylite Top Hung Window

The Keylite Top Hung (TH) range is commonly used in low pitch roofs, where a wide and unobstructive view is required. Opening outward the Keylite TH window creates space in a room where furniture may be restricting floor area. More Info

Fire Escape Window

Keylite Fire Escape/Access Window

Extensive research and design has been carried out during development of the Keylite Fire Escape (FE) Window range to ensure it complements the quality of the Keylite Centre Pivot Window. the Keylite FE Window range opens to 45 degrees in compliance with building regulations and standards The operaiton of this window is achieved in 2 stages with a unique design. More Info

Top Hung Window

Keylite Conservation Window

The Keylite Conservation (CW) range is designed to accomodate thye renovation of traditional buildings. The window retains the standard pine frame and sash of the Keylite Roof Window range, with a low profile external flashing system. More Info

keylite Bi-Lite

Keylite Vertical Bi-Lites

Using Keylite Vertical Bi-Lites is the ideal way to maximise the light and ventilation into any habitable room. Keylite Roof Windows are available in a variety of styles and combinations. Arranging your Keylite Roof Windows to incorporate a Keylite Vertical Bi-Lite creates a larger glazed area. More Info

Flat roof system

Keylite Flat Roof System

Many properties have extensions with flat, near flat roofs. Keylite has development a Flat Roof System (FRS) specifically for flat roofs, which will alow plenty of light into the area beneath.

The Keylite Flat Roof System provides all the benefits of extra daylight, better ventilation, and the ability to integrate all Roof Windows within the Keylite range. The system is also available with Keylite Electric Operation and Smoke Ventilation Systems. More Info

keylite Bi-Lite

Keylite Sun Lite

A Keylite Sun Lite (SL) brings natural daylight into areas where conventional roof windows cannot be used. The highly reflective tube guides daylight frim the roof dome to where it is required below. The Keylite Sun Lite is the perfect application where a loft conversion is not an option. The new Keylite Sun Lite collects available daylight and redirects it into any area below that you may want to illuminate. More Info

white finish windiw

Keylite White Finish Window

The Keylite White Finish (WF) Window is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, or any room prone to smoke, dust or steam. This wipe clean polyurethane painted coating has fantastic moisture resistant qualities and requires little or no maintenance. More Info

keylite ridge window

Keylite Ridge Window

Keylite Roof Windows may be installed along a roof ridge to maximise the perception of light and space at the highest point of a pitched roof. All with the option of an integral Blind. Usually installed in out-of-reach locations, these roof windows may be electrically operated by hand-held remote control or a wall mounted switch. More Info

Smoke Ventilation System

Keylite Smoke Ventilation System

The Keylite Smoke Ventilation System is available to open the Keylite Roof Windows in the event of a fire. The system is also provided with a 3 day battery backup should the buildings electricity system fail. This system integrates seamlessly with a buildings fire alarm panel, or can operate independently as a stand alone system.

Electric operation System

Keylite Electric Window System

Where keylite Windows are installed in out of reach locations they can be opened with ease using a Keylite Electric Operation Kit. Electric Operation Kits allow the opening of roof windows via a hard wired, wall mounted switch or by remote control. Optionally windows can be fitted with rain sensors set to close the window when it rains. More Info

Keylite Window Flashings

Keylite Window Flashings

All Keylite windows require corresponding flashings in order to provide the best finish. Please see More Info

Keylite Window accessories

Keylite Window Accessories

Keylite Windows Accessories More Info

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