Single Skin Wall

STEP:2 - Select your Brick - Blockwork dimensions.
NOTE: Single Skin Wall lintels should always be propped.
Select your cavity size

Select Cavity Size

IG Single Wall Lintels are for the support of loads from half-brick to full brick widths in solid brick or block wall construction.
The L9 Lintel allows the face of brickwork to show on both sides of an opening in a full brick-wide wall.
Meter Box Lintel, L10 and L11 lintels allow the face of the brickwork to show on one side of an opening in half-brick wide constructions.
Meter Box Lintel lengths from 750-1350mm in increments of 150mm. Single skin lintels should always be propped. NHBC guidelines propose no greater than a 1m span for props during construction.