Cavity Size

STEP:2 - Select your Cavity Size.
Select your cavity size

Select Cavity Size

L1 type lintels have a ‘top hat’ profile which offers distinct advantages in terms of durability and structural characteristics including: The maintenance of the integrity of the wall structure and its thermal properties through uniform and continuous bricklaying - the upstand of the lintel sits within the cavity; Excellent thermal efficiency as a direct result of its design which, with the addition of an expanded polystyrene infill (standard on all L1 lintels), provides a ‘U’ value through the lintel of significantly less than 0.33 W/m2 K; Reduced maintenance costs through the elimination of cracked plaster due to the differential expansion of dissimilar materials associated with Box section lintels. Semi-pierced slots on the inner flange give an excellent key for the plaster finish.