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Brickwork & Masonry Support System

When to use a Masonry Support System

When brick panels or masonry needs be restricted in size to avoid stress caused by excessive loading or differential expansion we would advise you to use a masonry support system. Masonry support systems can also be used in a conventional lintel application above openings in concrete & steel frame inner leaf applications. If a higher degree of corrosion resistance is required i.e a coastal development, then a stainless steel solution will do the job.

Choosing the right Brickwork Support System

Choosing the right brickwork support solution isn't always easy and often needs tailoring to your specific requirements. Our sales team will be more than happy to help you choose the system that best fits your requirements.

If however you know which masonry support system you need and would just like to see a brochure, we have a variety of brochures that you can help yourself to. Should you need clarification on any specific details please feel free to call our sales team who will be glad to hear from you.

If you need a quote or you just want some expert advice call 0844 209 7790 and speak to our sales team today.

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